Family Research

Family tracking

Whether you have family in Australia, family overseas, family in some far flung
corner of the world or family that you never knew you had, tracking down your
family is now easier than ever, making that international family reunion your family
has always wanted to organise more realistic than ever.

Family in Search

Searching for family can often be as easy as just typing a family members name
into Google. Chances are, your family members will have left a digital footprint
somewhere considering how pervasive the Internet is in our family lives these days.
Searching for both your family name as well as under any married family names will
help to find any long lost family members.

Family on Social Networks

Searching Facebook for family is also a great way to get in touch with out of touch
family and long-lost family members. Because Google often has trouble indexing
Facebook profiles this proves as the next best bet in tracking down family members
you’ve lost touch with. With almost 1 billion users, finding family in Facebook has
become the preferred method of family tracking that is easily done with any family. Rootsy is also a new social network that is just designed for families.

Family Tree Sites

There’s also a bunch of websites that can help you map out your family tree and
find family members you may have never known about like Ancestry.com.au,
MyHeritage and One Great Family. While many of these family tree sites are not free
to use, they can be very helpful in tracking down parts of your family that you may
have lost contact with or exploring your family tree.

With the technology available to us today, tracking down your family has never been
easier. Whether you’ve lost contact with your family, looking for family you never
knew existed or trying to fill out your family tree, finding family online is the way to
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Family Websites, Family Calendars and Family Trees

In the coming weeks we will be introducing family websites, family calendars and family trees for members. Check back regularly  to  make sure you  don't miss out!


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