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Written by Jim Stewart   
Wednesday, 01 June 2005

1.    Does a family.com.au address mean I can get rid of my other email address(es)?

No. Your family.com.au address forwards your email to your existing address such as your work email address or the one given to you by your ISP or your Hotmail or Gmail address.

2.    How many times can I change the address where my family.com.au address forwards to?

As many times as you like. Some people will logon to family.com.au before they got to work and change their forwarding address to their work email if they want to collect personal email during the day. Then when they get home they change it back again.

3.    Will a family.com.au address cut down on the amount of spam I receive?

Not by itself. Your ISP is the best to talk to about minimizing your spam. Google’s Gmail also handles spam really well.

4.    How do I let my friends and family know about my new address?

The first thing you should do is change your email program setup so that when people hit reply to your email it automatically goes to your family.com.au address.  Instructions on how to do this in Outlook express are here

5.    Do I need to change the setup of my email program?

Yes! See question 4.

6.    Can I have more than one family.com.au email address even though I only have one email address to forward to?

You can have as many family.com.au addresses as you like. Some families only have one address from their ISP but have several family.com.au addresses that forward to that one address.



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