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Not sure why these sorts of jokes are often called practical but we have compiled a list of links for you to have a read of anyway. I do issue a warning though. All these sites are external to family.com.au so some of them maybe a little blue. Assume an MA rating. This also means we have no control over the content, so you can decide for yourself whether these are practical or jokes ;-) And remember DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

These are definitely NOT practical The family.com.au funny video section Just in case you hadn't seen it yet.

A page from the Linkoping University in Sweden - some of these jokes are pretty stupid and dangerous, so probably not a page you want your 11 year old son reading. However there are some very funny ones on this page. The ultimate list of practical jokes There are a lot of other sites that have taken their jokes from this one.

A UK site which not only has practical jokes but also all the whoopee cushions, remote controlled fart machines and fake dog poo you could ever need sillyjokes.co.uk The best online joke shop I've seen - not that I've seen that many  :-) Some very good gift ideas on this site, providing the recipient has a sense of humour!

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